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Our Response To COVID-19:

Protocols & Guidelines

At ANK Services, our clients’ and employees’ health & safety is our number one priority. We have put all public health recommended measures in place to protect our team and clients.

We have implemented strict guidelines to uphold all social distancing rules and invested in PPE for all our team members. We have trained all of our staff in following all social distancing and using PPE appropriately.

COVID-19 Sanitation & Disinfection

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us and has brought immense uncertainty regarding the cleanliness and sanitization of our surroundings and workplaces. ANK has invested and equipped us to battle the pandemic and make our clients’ environments safer. ANK uses industry standard and public health-approved products and practices to disinfect and sanitize all spaces to kill all germs and viruses which may be there. ANK promises to deliver the best results and adhere to all Public Health Guidelines to help create a clean and safe space for our clients.

Whether you have had a COVID-19 outbreak or want to take extra precautions to protect your workplace, ask us about our COVID-19 special packages and offers that are best suitable for your situation. We have disinfected and sanitized various settings since the start of the pandemic and have attained 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is continuously trained to follow all World Health Organization and Public Health procedures and practices when disinfecting and sanitizing.

All documents can be found below:

Factsheet Covid-19

Workplace Cleaning

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