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Handy-Man Services

Maintaining commercial properties regardless of its size, can be a challenging task. Despite limitations in time and resources that may prevent you from completing everything on your agenda, ANK Maintenance Services is an option available to help alleviate these concerns. With our dedicated team of skilled professionals offering handyman services, we guarantee quality craft with the assurance of getting things done correctly.

Commercial Services

With over a decade of experience in the handyman industry, ANK Maintenance Services has built a strong reputation for serving commercial customers. Our team is well aware that businesses often have urgent repair needs, and we are committed to providing prompt and reliable service to accommodate organisations of any scale.

Retail Shop & Shopping Malls

If you are faced with a burnt-out light bulb that is difficult to access, holes in your drywall, or the need for door installation services, our team of repairmen specialises in providing commercial handyman services specifically tailored for retail shops, shopping malls, and shopping centres. We take pride in offering our expertise as trustworthy professionals prioritising customer satisfaction. Unlike typical handymen available for hire, each team member possesses an impressive average experience of 12 years and excels in various trade skills. Our commitment to consistently delivering high-quality work has earned us a strong reputation backed by our quality guarantee.


ANK Maintenance Services offers commercial handyman services tailored to the unique needs of restaurants and businesses operating within the food services industry. Whether it is a fine dining establishment, fast food restaurant, carry-out business, family-owned eatery, chain operation or health food shop, our company caters to various culinary enterprises. Furthermore, delis, coffee houses and donut shops can also rely on us for top-notch commercial handyman support. With ANK Maintenance Services as your trusted partner for repairs and regular maintenance requirements in this sector, you can rest assured that we prioritise quality from the outset.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, the responsibilities carried out by staff members directly impact patient health outcomes. To minimise distractions from crucial patient care duties, promptly addressing necessary repairs and routine maintenance within these facilities is essential. Our professional commercial handyman service caters to hospitals’ and healthcare facilities’ unique needs. From furniture assembly to light bulb replacement and addressing stucco issues along your building’s exterior, we prioritise efficiency and excellence in delivering our services.

Small Businesses & Corporate Offices

ANK Maintenance Services understands the difficulties small businesses and corporate offices face when it comes to effectively managing their operations. We recognize that you have numerous responsibilities demanding your attention, leaving little time for necessary handyman work within your office space. Our experts specialise in providing commercial handyman services tailored to small businesses and corporate offices. Whether it’s furniture assembly or carpentry tasks, you can rely on us to efficiently complete these projects with precision and professionalism.

Hotels & Hospitality

For more than a decade, ANK Maintenance Services has established itself as a trustworthy provider of reliable and efficient commercial handyman services within the hospitality industry. We understand the significance of maintaining optimal performance in your hospitality business day in and day out throughout the year; hence, we facilitate this for you. Our extensive services include replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs, addressing drywall issues, and skillfully installing crown moulding. With our commitment to punctuality and excellence, you can trust that we will complete every task promptly and professionally.

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Door Installation & Repair

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Painting Services

Commercial Carpentry

Cubicle & Furniture Assembly

Removal of Graffiti

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