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No matter what products you offer – clothing, health insurance, mobile phones, or power tools – maintaining a clean store is essential for building your brand reputation and ensuring success. ANK Maintenance Services has been the trusted choice for cleaning retail spaces for years. From street-front stores to small and large shopping centers, we have proudly maintained numerous sites in Milton and beyond.

In the world of retail, creating a remarkable first impression is crucial. Customers are inclined to choose establishments that exude an inviting and attractive ambiance. Imagine having a service partner dedicated to ensuring that your store leaves a positive and enduring impact on every customer who walks through its doors.

At ANK Maintenance Services, we specialize in creating and managing janitorial solutions for retail clients that significantly improve the overall customer experience. We understand the importance of enhancing the physical store environment to compete effectively with online retailers and discount stores. By focusing on visual aesthetics, lighting, scents, and other sensory elements, we create a multisensory shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers. We aim to attract new customers and keep them coming back by providing an exceptional service environment tailored to their expectations.

Our wide array of additional cleaning services, such as window cleaning and floor and tile maintenance, is specifically tailored to meet the demanding cleanliness needs of retail establishments.

By ensuring that their businesses consistently shine in every aspect, our services enable shops to stay ahead of their industry competition and maintain a leading position.



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We use natural, non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products

We customize our services to your requirements and needs, so you only pay for the services you need for your retail store or centre.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services, including window cleaning.

We are flexible with cleaning times.

Our expert taskers have retail-specific training working toward a nationwide standardization of practice.

We use green chemicals which is environmental friendly

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