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As the production hub of your business, your facility requires systematic cleaning that ensures your company maintains momentum and can function safely. ANK’s trained cleaners deliver a safe, sanitized environment and are skilled to take on any industrial cleaning challenge.

By maintaining clean and well-organized warehouses, factories, plants, and worksites, you can enhance overall productivity while ensuring a safe working environment for your team. At ANK, we specialize in implementing effective infection control measures for high-touch surfaces and providing safe industrial cleaning products tailored explicitly for heavily trafficked areas such as toilets and lunchrooms. This approach not only enhances cleanliness but also promotes a more efficient workflow.

You are well aware of the importance of a structured approach to operations and how it can lead to consistent results. We share the same understanding, which is why our comprehensive service program for industrial facilities has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. Our program covers all aspects, including cleaning, supervision, inspection, training, equipment protocols, and material requirements for each area in your facility. By breaking down each deliverable into specific tasks with step-by-step procedures and associated quality benchmarks, we ensure that every aspect is covered thoroughly. Through workload techniques, we assign dedicated staff members to specific tasks based on segmented work areas and schedules. To guarantee efficiency and effectiveness among our staff members, we provide verified training modules tailored specifically to their roles within your facility. Furthermore, quality assurance processes are implemented as an added measure to validate the high standard of services we deliver.


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We tailor our programs to align with the unique rhythm of your business. We comprehensively adapt staff scheduling to seamlessly match your workflow, strategically bringing in additional personnel during high-demand periods and meticulously coordinating deep-cleaning tasks at times that will minimally disrupt your business operations.
With our team’s extensive expertise in various industrial cleaning applications, we confidently offer customized services tailored to your specific requirements. Our highly skilled and certified staff in Milton operates under strict safety protocols to guarantee your and your employees’ well-being. Rest assured that our focus is on ensuring compliance for your company, and we will collaborate closely with you to determine the precise methods and timelines for getting things done effectively.

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